KEEP It SLAV w/ Deadcrow (NL) w Białymstoku

Koncert KEEP It SLAV w/ Deadcrow (NL) w Białymstoku - 15-12-2017

Koncert KEEP It SLAV w/ Deadcrow (NL) w Białymstoku

Enjoii , Rafall , Majki , Deadcrow

15.12.2017 21:30

Białystok(Podlaskie) - Klub Muzyczny METRO

KEEP IT SLAV to styl życia, w którym piękne kobiety z chustami na głowach i panowie w trzech paskach zawsze odnajdą siebie. Wolisz ruskie pierogi niż burgery? Wódę niż kolorowe drinki? Jesteś prawdziwym gopnikiem? Zapraszamy!

Prosto z Hagi przyjedzie do nas Deadcrow, młody kot sceny wave/trap, który mimo niedługiego stażu zdążył wywrócić scenę swymi nowatorskimi, klimatycznymi produkcjami. Możecie go usłyszeć na słynnej wytwórni Plasticiana: Terrorhythm Recordings, basowej oficynie Saturaterecords, Liquid Ritual i innych.

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Deadcrow (Liquid Ritual / wavemob / Holandia)
Majki (Up To Date Festival) 🎂
enjoii (Palewave)
Rafall (Sprsl)

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GRAMY: wave, witch-house, trap, ruskie techno, hardbass, gabber

wjazd: 10 PLN / trzy oryginalne paski na ramionach lub nogawkach przyzwalają na to, by z godnością i podniesioną głową do klubu w ten wieczór wejść ze zniżką - 5 PLN

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There is living, breathing sound emanating from the Netherlands, but it is coming from a young man named Deadcrow.
Raised in a musical family in the Dutch political capital city The Hague, Felix Ruocco found himself passionate about music from a very young age, when he started to play the drums at the age of 3, until finding Fruityloops installed on his father’s laptop which brought him into the realm of producing electronic music, at this time being 12 years old. After a couple of years of fooling around with it, the hobby became a bit more serious, which caused him to drop playing drums and fully focus on producing music. It was at that time that Deadcrow as born.
Making his name in diverse genres while growing his sound, it was the Wave scene which he took by storm with his two releases on Plastician’s Terrorrhythm, plus singles and mixes for Wavemob, which he became an affiliate of in 2016, and Rinse.FM.
Wave, the term loosely used to describe music that draws inspiration from instrumental cloud-wave rap, drill and grime, is a core influence to him right now. Deadcrow’s hi-def beats and sharp, shimmering melodies project a widescreen, OST-inspired approach to programming, underpinned by harder, trap inspired sensibilities. This prodigy’s music feels rooted in sci-fi fantasy worlds, and his synthwork speaks of neon futures, but he stays in touch with the dancefloor and his other main influences; namely dubstep, hardstyle and trance.
Predominantly dark in sound, Deadcrow always adds other more spherical moments, where spacious soundscapes take over the undiscovered caverns of the human brain. Using lush, future-imagining synth timbres, and melding it with his heavy beat constructions, Deadcrow is pushing his sound into new territories of haunting bass bliss and will no doubt make his presence felt in 2017.