Africa United | Warszawa

Bilety na koncert Africa United | Warszawa - 26-01-2022

Koncert Africa United | Warszawa

różni wykonawcy

26.01.2022 19:00

Warszawa(Mazowieckie) - Bardzo Bardzo

Mistrzowie muzyki afrykańskiej w Warszawie!This is one of a kind music show putting together the energy of masterclass African musicians alongside others from different continents.The show begins with 10 minutes presentation about the instruments and little insight of their history by Ayoub Houmanna from Morocco.From Senegal comes Ablay Badji and Amadou Fola who been leading many workshops and shows across Europe, together with Ayoub will be present in their ethnic West African groove.The live concert will be divided into 2 sets of 1 hour each:=> The 1st includes tracks from Ablay Badji and Ayoub Houmanna.=> the 2nd is live impro based on the rules of West African music, putting together traditional poly-rhythms from Mali, Morocco, Senegal, Gambia Burkina Faso & Guinea.Ayoub's Music:Dla Polakow Vee ft Krzysztof Zalewski's: but not least the trio will be support and accompanied by Li'inard Christopher Jackson one of top funk leaders from New York City.We gladly invite you to dive in the groove of world taste of music with us.Bless up