Najczęściej słuchane

  1. 1. Dream of a Tramp (...Who Can Never Be One)
    (AMC Trio Plus) 00:05:06
  2. 2. Melting Pot (A Stew of Ideas Coming Together Beautifully)
    (AMC Trio Plus) 00:05:43
  3. 3. Breaking News (... Full of Sudden Joy and Expectation)
    (AMC Trio Plus) 00:07:03
  4. 4. Take Me to the Sky (... From Where Things Don't Appear so Heavy, from Where You Can See Beyond the Horizon)
    (AMC Trio Plus) 00:04:13
  5. 5. Lapis Refugi (A Place, the Nearness of Someone, Peace at Last)
    (AMC Trio Plus) 00:04:34
  6. 6. Last Moment (The Final Moment of What's Passed Becomes the First Moment of What's to Come)
    (AMC Trio Plus) 00:06:27
  7. 7. Face the Race (The Race for Fame, Wealth and Power)
    (AMC Trio Plus) 00:03:53