Queens Of The Stone Age

Zespół Queens of the Stone Age rozpoczął działaność w 1996 roku w mieście Palm Desert

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  1. 1. No One Knows
    (Songs For The Deaf) 00:04:38
  2. 2. First It Giveth (Album Version)
    (Songs For The Deaf) 00:03:18
  3. 3. Make It Wit Chu (Album Version)
    (Era Vulgaris (International Version)) 00:04:50
  4. 4. I Sat By The Ocean
    (...Like Clockwork) 00:03:55
  5. 5. The Way You Used To Do
    (The Way You Used To Do) 00:04:34
  6. 6. Song For The Dead (Album Version)
    (Songs For The Deaf) 00:05:52
  7. 7. Go With The Flow (Album Version)
    (Songs For The Deaf) 00:03:07
  8. 8. The Lost Art Of Keeping A Secret (Album Version)
    (Rated R - Deluxe Edition) 00:03:36
  9. 9. Make It Wit Chu
    (Make It Wit Chu) 00:03:50
  10. 10. You Think I Ain't Worth A Dollar, But I Feel Like A Millionaire (Album Version With Interlude)
    (Songs For The Deaf) 00:03:12